Sunday, November 16, 2008

Deuce and a half

There's a big ol', powerful truck that comes through here to pull vehicles and trucks and trailers out of the sand. They're kind of awesome. We've seen 'em pull huge, gigantic, trailers out of the sand, and during summer holidays they grumble and rumble up and down the road enjoying plenty of business. It's actually an old Army vehicle nicknamed a deuce and a half. Welp. I guess they don't do so well in the lake! Look what happened! What do you think he said? Maybe the driver said, "Oops!" or "Uh-oh!"

He helped a pick-up out of the water, but got himself stuck. Saddest thing is, one 'o the rangers was instructed to give the guy a ticket. Ranger said, "What do I cite him on?" See, there's no rules against parking it in the lake. Hahahaha! And if you check his windshield he has a park permit, clear and legal. Awwww, poor guy! I said giving him a ticket would be throwing salt on the wound. Even our most prolific ranger who gives citations out like candy on Halloween couldn't bear to write him up a ticket.

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