Friday, November 07, 2008


There's a headline at the Jerusalem Post today that says, Barak: All options open regarding Iran. Well, he did say as much throughout his campaign so that's no surprise. But with Bush in office Israel wouldn't do anything without checking with the U.S. first. With Obama in, I don't think they'll bother. If they want to take out Iran's nuclear weapon sites, they'll do it. Obama is unwittingly going to cause WWIII or a nuclear holocaust and then no amount of eloquent oratory will matter. He's such a windbag.

The media reports that all the world is happy to have an Obama president. I believe it. I think the U.S. is moving closer to being like all the rest world.

Last night I wrote a friend of mine and asked her what she thought about the Christians United For Israel group because I'm going to their meeting on the 13th. When I read her reply out loud to my husband he sat in his chair and roared with laughter. It's the only laugh I've heard from him for two whole days! My friend advised me, Go ahead and go, just listen to your gut feeling, and if they say G-d d*mn America, don't keep going for 20 years. Bwa-hahahahaha! Sublime.

Yesterday I received my new socks in the mail, six pair, over the knee, for winter, and every single pair is cute and fits me. I'm happy.

On Wednesdsay my Altec Lansing portable speaker unit for my iPod is scheduled for delivery. They are speakers, plural, but one unit, singular. I hope they sound good. I'm a semi-audiophile and oh how I miss our big speakers from home. My husband didn't want to bust loose with a couple hundred bucks for these but I explained (read that as "begged") that I wanted something with quality sound. I want bass. I need bass. I must have some bass. Portable speakers can never match anything you could get in a home sound system, but this might be as good as I can get and still be portable. Bose has something small, a hundred dollars more, but what they call portable is really not easily portable, so I crossed them off my list.

On Wednesday I'm teaching the belly dance class because our teacher will be out of town. That's why I need my own portable speakers too.

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