Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday morning night

I should be in bed. My feet are cold too. I downloaded the trial version of Homesite so I could update an old web site of mine. I updated almost every page. It's always bugged me that it's all in HTML. I feel it should be revamped with CSS, Cascading Style Sheets, but I had such trouble a few years ago getting them to work that I quit. I haven't updated the site since 2002. Talk about dead links. So many of them that used to offer free homeschooling help have turned into business sites. That's lame. Now the links page looks like someone shot a bunch of holes through it. I'll have to search for useful links to replace them.

When we sold the house I put all my web sites on CD since we couldn't take the desktop with us in our (then) very little trailer in 2005. Viewing the old CD made me see how much I've changed in the past three years. I was appalled at my own self as I looked over my old graphics. I am so grateful for the One who called me out of the darkness and into the light. You know, you can't repent of something that you don't think is wrong. Two of my old sites are still up, the good content ones. The other two I did take down several years ago but they look so much worse to me now, seeing them with fresh eyes. Did I ever say that I have a small gift for designing adult oriented web sites. Mmmmm. I may have left that out. Well, when people started wanting to pay me to make them an outright pornographic (literature) site, it gave me pause for thought. I paused. I didn't do it. But I didn't take down my sites right away either. Eventually, praise God for opening my eyes, I did delete them. The Lord convicted my heart and I wanted to be worthy of the company I wanted to be in. The enemy will use people's gifts to get hold of them. I also liked the hits. You know, how many visitors come to a site. One of mine got up to 1300 per day. 'Tis a hollow addiction.

But now, I'm satisfied with ten because the ten I get are good. I should put something scriptural here, but I'm plum out of eloquence tonight. I'm just plain. I think - I like to think - that God might be pleased with me, just a little bit, tonight. I'm inspired to work on myself to serve the Lord.

Also today, we went to Cruces and I got a bunch of new undergarments. They are my undergarments for the year. And I got one new pair of blue jeans. My pair that I hate because they stretch and then hang off my bum are in the trash and I threw them away with great drama. Good-bye pants I hate!

But now I only have two pair of blue jean pants.

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