Friday, October 31, 2008

What is the world coming to?

Last night my child told me I need to work on my self-esteem. Whaaat? Where in the world did he hear that? I'm nearly 50 years old and I need this from the child of my own womb?

After prayer last night I stayed and listened to the choir do their practice and they sang two of my favorite songs, two of the few that I actually know 90% of the lyrics. I walked out of the sanctuary to the drinking fountain and as I was about to push the double doors I hear Pastor call out from stage in between songs, "Liliana, do you want to sing with the choir?" I nodded "no thank you." One, I didn't know he knew my name, and two, I can't sing. He's seen me sing. That doesn't mean I can sing. I can belt it out is all. I don't sound like Helen. Oh that Helen. Her voice is so pretty, transcendent, it takes me to another place. And that's what I said to my family at home. I can't sing and I sure don't sound like Helen. That's when youngest son popped up with his little pearl of wisdom.

I guess it could go on my headstone, "Here lies Lil, poor thing never did find self-esteem."

This really makes me mad.

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