Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sarah at the market

I like this picture of Sarah at the market so much. I nabbed it from the web. I don't know who took it but it's sorta maybe public domain by now, think? Maybe not. Okay, well if they haul me off to jail I will remove it, but isn't she cute.

We're going to the ranch for some more calf branding this week-end. It's for the late born calves so it not a big to-do like the one in June.

Today I'm all achybreaky. Hopefully tomorrow my bod will feel better.

We had leftover enchildadas for dinner. As we were eating and looking out the window at the lake our son noticed one of the full-timers that left in the summer drive into our loop. We jumped from the table, ran down the steps, and out to the road to greet her as she drove by. I know it made her happy. She was in North or South Carolina visiting family for a few months, then she went to New York State where she's from. She looked good. She looked happy to be back. This place, the quiet of the desert, calls people back to it.

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