Thursday, October 23, 2008

My husband

Last night after dinner my husband said he wanted to get a Sarah Palin bumper sticker special made for the truck that says "Why are the elitist media scared to death of a little woman who's the mother of five and lives a life set on solid morals"? I said, "Honey, that's too many words. You don't need a bumper sticker. You need a banner." Haha!

And he slept poorly last night. Our water pipes were frozen this morning so it definitely got down to 32 degrees outside. We have two space heaters and he wants a third and meant to buy it yesterday but didn't get around to it. He worries about keeping us warm. We're always warm enough though. I suppose it's because he frets about it so much.

I'm all sore from dance. Mainly I'm achy around my ribs and back. That's weird. My teacher was having us do spins in a circle with veils - over and over and over again till I got a tummy ache! Spins can make you dizzy. Circles can make you dizzy. Try spinning and dancing in a circle at the same time.

Our son is reading Tom Sawyer. I'm happy about it because he said it's a really good book. Of course it is, but he didn't like Old Yeller so I was worried a little. I suggested he may want to expand his reading experience beyond something other than Archie Comics. :)

Did you know Mark Twain's real name was Sam Clemens? And did you know the call mark, twain, was used on the riverboats of the Mississippi after the Civil War (late 1800s)? Yes. Mark, twain meant two fathoms (12 feet deep). That was safe water.

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