Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I don't know about the news. There are so, so, many polls. It's hard for me to find any good news about McCain and Palin and the worst and most ridiculous insults get miles of coverage. I think the news is not doing a good job of giving me news. But today I will not talk of politics.

My husband said he won't read any more news until after November 4th. I should follow suit. I have a hard time believing polls that show Barack Hussein Obama in double digits ahead of McCain and such horrid reports about Sarah being stupid - which are quite untrue. Palin draws huge crowds everywhere she goes. She's the most popular governor of the entire USA with an approval rating of 80% in the great state of Alaska. I scratch my head in wonder. But I will not talk of politics today.

My girlfriend got her McCain sign stolen out of her front yard yesterday!

I washed my hair this morning because dance classes are starting up. Today the teacher is going to teach floorwork. It can be very, hmmm, emotionally charged, this floorwork. They call it sometimes 'taxsim' pronounced 'talk-seem.' My teacher in Riverside said this dance gives you the opportunity to channel all the emotions that you cannot show in your everyday life as a mother, wife, employee, etcetera. She's an engineer. Boy howdy, I might be able to channel in an awesome taxsim between now and November 4th. Haha!

It is very windy today. Sunny. It's in the high 60s.

Sigh. I feel pretty good. I feel better since I wrote this.

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