Sunday, October 05, 2008

A good hair day

I don't know what's up but I had a good hair day today. At church a young mom stopped me to tell me she thought my hair was pretty and she talked for a few minutes about her hair. She gave hers to LOL twice.

About wearing hair down. I made a decision. I've decided that I will not decide when to wear it down. Instead I will let it decide when to wear it down. What I mean is, I often decide I want to wear it down but then I find it's ugly; it flips up weirdly at the bottom, or it's not fluffy, or it has bloops in it. It makes me unhappy. Instead what I shall do is look it over and if it looks good then I'll grab the opportunity to wear it down. I will have no expectations. That way, I can't be disappointed. That's what I did today. I washed it yesterday and slept with it over the top of my pillow and purely by chance, I woke this morning and it looked great. I feel really accomplished in the hair department today.

And after church I wore it in a low bee butt bun like Kara has in her sig. First time. It was a little off center but still, I was happy I actually, finally, created it and it stayed in place perfectly well.

Let's see. Do I have anything of import and significance to add. Hmmm. Hmmmm. Hmmmmm.

No. I searched my mind and this is my best stuff. Like when I'm sitting with my husband and I guess I have a serious expression on my face and he says, "What are you thinking?" I shrug my shoulders and say, "Nuthin." And it's completely true. Hahaha! I make him laugh when I do that.

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