Saturday, October 04, 2008

The girl of my dreams

(I was going to do this post on October 1 but when I thought I had no growth I was extremely disappointed so I didn't feel like hair talk. I have a good update today though.)

This! is Cinnamon Hair. I found her accidentally. Actually, technically, I remember her from a long time ago when she posted Hair Towel How-to for Longer Lengths but it wasn't until last week when I saw her most recent pictures and I thought she has the hair I want. I asked her if I could keep her picture and put it on my blog and she said okay. I want my hair to get as long and as pretty as hers. She's 25 years or so younger than I (we shan't hold that against her, haha!) so I haven't got a big chance for the pretty part (she's sweet as a petunia too), but it is good to have someone with hair similar to mine to look at while I wait two or more years to get there. Her photo shows her at 54.5" (she 56" now) and she's 5'6". I'm 43.5" at 5'2".

Something exciting just happened while I was blogging. I was looking for Cinnamon Hair and I found a long hair girl named Teazel left me a note on my page at the hair board! And I looked at Teazel's page and what did I see? My name! She called me a hair twin. Wow. I'm happy. She's a 1bMii like me. She has a ton of hairstyles on her page too. My son kept saying "I like that one, and that one, and that one." Her hair looks so silky. Now I know two ladies with hair that somewhat resembles mine. When it rains it pours.

I almost forgot to put my own pic up. I got some today that our son took for me. I also have a gigantic, upbeat, update to my October 1st update.

We thought I measured exactly the same this month as last (43 1/8") and I was not a happy camper. I can deal with one month of no growth but two in a row? I don't think so. So. I asked our son to measure me again today and guess what. He said 43.5 which means it did grow. It makes sense because it truly feels longer to me. Also he had measured me mid-month in September and it was showing growth and today I reminded him about it (I had just recalled it myself) and he said (we both said) it was strange. Okay, so we re-measured and there is 1/2 inch growth. I did trim off a few, very few hairs, and I didn't mention it and I wondered if those few hairs I trimmed were the growth part. Anyhoo, I cannot account for the odd, problematic measurement this month. It's very strange.

I think I can say I am thigh length! I felt the ends tickle my thighs this month. That's a first. I will get a trim of one to three inches in March. Cinnamon Hair trims once a year. Me too. :)

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