Friday, October 03, 2008

Touch of envy

Another mom I know has decided to return to school and she's working toward her Master's degree in education. She's excited and doing exceedingly well. I'm a little jealous. That and a wooden nickel, for what it's worth, will buy you a cup of coffee.

I met with a lady at church today and I'm going to be her assistant. She wants to teach the kidlets a song with hand motions. It's fun. I think it would be a great outlet for the kids, a good way to keep them busy, and could be a time of fellowship as well. We talked and practiced today for an hour and a half just she and I. We decided to always pray before we start and after we finish. She wants to gets the kids together to do something special for Christmas. We don't yet know if any kids will sign up!

Because we met at 10:30am I ended up canceling our homeschool day. I can't do that again though so I told her we need to schedule some other time to meet. I hope it won't be a problem.

Today I ran 3/4 of the way uphill from the marina. Man, I thought my lungs might 'splode and my legs were burning. It was great though. I'm doing it again tomorrow.

And we got McCain/Palin yard signs. Ten. I plan to hand them out tomorrow at a housewarming we're going to. I would plant one in front of our trailie but you can't do that in a state park. Our son put a giant on on the back of his bike trailer. Pretty cute.

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