Friday, October 17, 2008

My ballot and! UPCOMING rally

It was a little complex doing a mail-in ballot. Filling out the forms to obtain the ballot made me nervous because if you make any boo-boos you're toast. My husband and I each phoned the registrar's office to ensure we understood the instructions. Apparently we filled everything out correctly and here's our ballot package. Look! I even got a cute little #2 lead, teeny, weeny, red, pencil as a memento!

And here is my ballot; my vote, my voice, my choice! All I have to do is lick the stamp and send her off!

Hold on to yer hat. You holding it? Doggone it, we're going to see Sarah Palin at the New Mexico rally on Sunday! They say there will be some 40,000 people there besides us so I don't know how close we'll be but I don't care! We're going to see her even if she's one inch tall from a mile away. We're going to hear her voice for real and not on the radio or t.v. We are supporting our party. Whew. Heady and exciting, isn't it. I don't wanna live in a socialist country. No sireee, no thank-you. It's about a four hour drive (one way) from here. I'm going to make a nice lunch to keep everyone happy on the road. But wait. It's a picture of our TICKETS! They're very photogenic.

I didn't know till yesterday that Obama desires to remove the cap off of the earnings workers pay into Social Security. Even as one who would benefit by Obama's plan I don't think it's a good idea. Social security was never intended to be sole support for retirees. Government caring for its citizens from cradle to grave is a nightmare. Obama says he'll lower taxes? My eye! I don't think I'd mind a Democrat for president but Obama was the most far to the left senator of the whole, entire Senate last year. Yipes!

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