Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Tomorrow afternoon I'm flying out to see my new granddaughter. She will turn one month old while I'm there. I won't be back till Saturday late, so remember that. After tomorrow I won't post till Saturday, or possibly Sunday if I'm too tired to turn on my computer. If it goes really, really, well, you'll hear about it. If it goes really, really, badly, you'll hear about it. Haha! I'm kind of excited and anxious and happyish.

I have to hem my son's new jeans today before I go. I have to wash my jeans. I'm taking one change of clothes in my purse so I can just do carry on. I will take my camera backpack and my purse. My purse is quite large so it'll carry what I need and I'm only staying two full days and the other two days are partly travel. I'll use all their bathroom stuff so I don't need to pack toiletries. I have to print out my ticket. I need to boil a chicken and shred it because my husband is making a batch of enchiladas today. I have to homeschool today, course. And I have to finish this 58 question questionnaire about family and education for my friend who's working on her Master's degree.

My mantra is "It's all about the baby." And I'm thinking of the baaaaby as "The-Most-Beautiful-Granddaughter-in-the-World" in Jules' words because Jules is such a good grama.

I refuse to let the devil rule my relationships or my life. I am stepping out in faith. I declare God is the ruler of my relationships. God. Is the ruler. Of my relationships! And I will share the gospel in this generation. I will show the gospel.

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