Saturday, October 04, 2008

Fall in the air

I got out of bed promptly at 10:58am. There's a light, soft, cool, wind. It feels like the beginning of fall. It's lovely and sunny. There might be a storm tonight. I took a Tylenol PM last night at 10:30pm so that's why I slept so long. I had a niggling headache and thank goodness it's gone and I can have a normal day. I've never had so many headaches. My husband says it's a perimenopause symptom. He's cooking eggs right now. He's making deviled eggs to take to the housewarming.

O.J. is convicted on all counts exactly 13 years to the day after he was acquitted for killing Nicole and her friend. Is that weird or what. He could be sentenced to life! At age 61 if he gets 30, or even 20 years, he's toast. Finally some justice is served. It's kinda hard to appeal 12 guilty verdicts.

Michigan's Republicans don't want McCain to pull out. California's Republicans are clamoring for Sarah to come do a rally. I don't think Bush even bothered with California last time. I dream of a red California. Although we left our home state (we are now registered in the great state of Texas - a very red state) I still hope the best for California. Old Arnie finally had to tell his congress to quit sending any more bills until they got the budget done. He said any more bills sent before the budget would be vetoed. I voted for Arnold before we left.

I haven't done my Bible morning reading for almost a week. That's bad. Very bad. That's means my priorities are upside down. I've been looking at the online news before I read then I get distracted with daily duties and don't do my reading a'tall. Oh dear. I have to turn this off NOW and go read some Deuteronomy and my daily devotion. Well, I'll just publish my post then walk away from this machine instead of turning it off. Then I will sew some hearts for my quilt.

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