Sunday, October 26, 2008

A good sighting

During dinner we saw a bobcat across the street! He was sitting just as pretty as can be. I ran and got my camera but he was gone. Wow. I wish I'd have gotten a shot of that. I would have been the most popular photographer in the park! I could have been in a magazine! Oh well.

I'm still doing my memorization job. This is day three. I'm down to "No means of measure can define His limitless love." Only, when I said it tonight I forgot that last line and my son remembered it. He's a good boy but he makes me mad when he remembers without even trying. Little squirt.

Every night tonight at 7:00pm I'm goin' to church to pray for America. There are at least two other churches in town that are doing the same.

My notes from evening:

Taxation is a form of economic slavery.


Communism is forced by the government. Socialism is when you can deceive people into voting for it.

1Samuel 8

Take the frog in the kettle fable. If you toss Mr. Frog into hot water he'll jump right out. But if you set him gently in a pot in tepid water and warm it up incrementally he won't sense the increase in heat. He'll boil to death and never know it.

Church=Eclesia=assembly of believers

The true Body of Christ is not a building. It's us, the peeps, who are the Body of Christ.

God still deals with nations in a covenant relationship. America, founded by Christians, is like a spiritual Israel, grafted in as the Church of Jesus Christ. When we begin to reject God don't be surprised when God begins to reject us. The nation that forgets God will be cast into hell.

Cast votes for city, county, state, House, Senate, Office of President, in alignment with the Bible.

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