Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sermonizing and rhapsodizing

Our son was gone on a pumpkin trip with the neighbors so we did dinner grace without him. He asked just last night why he was saying it and not me anymore but I didn't let on that I planned it that way. With him gone I had to help with the prayer though. I started it and my husband added then I was going to end with a beautiful "His grace is sufficient, His yoke is easy, and His burden is light."

Problem was, I got the first part out (His grace is sufficient) then flubbed up all of the yoke and burden part. I couldn't remember which came first, the yoke or the burden, and I had no recollection at all for the words 'easy' or 'light.'

knowing they were banging around somewhere in the vast recesses of my brain, yet unable to locate them I ended with a very fine, "His yoke something, something, something, something." My voice trailed off with an extra something to highlight all the previous somethings. I'm so articulate.And my husband laughed.

Well! I declared that praying out loud is kind of like learning a foreign language and when you practice you can make mistakes and people will laugh and it's a challenge because it can make you very self-conscious but don't let yourself be self-conscious because what the people listening think doesn't matter. God knows the person's heart and He knows what you're trying to say so you have to keep on doing it.

My husband got an earful didn't he! Yes, indeedy. And he said stop the sermonizing and save it for Sunday. Gasp! I will do no such thing. If the Sunday sermonizing comes out on a Saturday it just has to come out. You can't stop it.

Why the very idea!

His grace is sufficient.
His yoke is easy.
His burden is light.

I have it down pat for tomorrow night.

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