Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I intend to wash two days a week

It's been decided. I will wash my hair two times a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays, just like Avrilon! She has such pretty hair. I'll never look like an Avrilon, I have no chance, but I still have aspirations. She's 53 and still very cool as her photos clearly show. I think she has the face of a model though she's never mentioned modeling. It seems like everybody who is anybody who has long, long hair, washes only once or twice a week, not daily.  I want to get with the program.

My DSL went on the fritz for a day and a half. That was horrible. Couldn't access lessons, couldn't access email, couldn't access the blog. They had to fix the line out on the main street.

I had worn my hair in the same French braid for two solid days (must have been because I had no DSL) so this morning I popped awake and did a scalp wash, blow dried, mixed some jojoba and grapefruit EO, brushed through, put my hair in a tight bun, went to Bible study. It looks nice and I feel better.

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