Saturday, December 18, 2004

Belly dance student in a belly dance troupe

I was quite afraid to go to troupe practice because it's far and I have trouble with driving directions and because the world is so full of danger I never venture out at night. My husband said he'd take me and asked where the class will be and I told him. But he wanted an exact specific address. Men. So I found the address. It turns out they rehearse at the Senior Citizen's Community Center. My husband said, "Honey I don't think there will be much mayhem at the senior center." Okay, that's probably true.

There was a different teacher, new dances and I was overwhelmed. They did about three dances: Hadouni (the one my teacher choreographed), lead and follow, and a cane dance. I was out of step, off count, and graceful as a three-legged camel. I'm going back for more.

What I especially like about this dance and these classes is that there were women of all ages and sizes and all are welcomed into the fold equally. Of the ten dancers present about three are very, very good. The rest are about like me. Well, like me except they know the steps. With persistence and practice I will learn them too. My teacher says, "The dance reveals the dancer." I like that.

I have yet to decide how to assimilate my belly dancing with my Christianity. Notice, I did not say I'm deciding how to assimilate my belly dancing with my faith. It's just that I haven't yet met a professed Christian belly dancer. Is saying you're a Christian belly dancer like a saying you're a bartender for Jesus? If so, then Houston I've got a problem.

I know I will choose modest attire but that's not due to any measure of religiosity but mere personal preference. Though many of the older women show their bellies, that's not for me. I have a fair tummy but I already had my day in the sun so to speak. I will prefer to be lovely, modest, and attempt to be an example of mature semi-beauty. That's my plan anyway.


yrautca said...

I know that my opinion doesnt matter (seeing that you never replied to any comments I ever posted here). I also know that we probably think very differently on some major issues (probably an understatement). However, I would like to say that your belly dancing does not displease God (in my humble opinion). Given that you are not even showing your belly I think you are doing it very decently and gracefully (to the utter dismay of many onlooking admirers I am sure). If your husband is OK with it then I think you have covered your bases - socially as well as religiously.

If God is love and love is happiness and happiness is being able to do things you love, then doing them completes the cycle.

Liliana said...

yrautca, you've made a completely wrong assumption that because I don't write back, I don't care about your opinion. Quite the contrary, I have read and reread your comments with interest. Your humor and thoughtfulness reflect an authenticity and unfeigned sincerity that I find intriguing. Your comments are always well thought out and I can tell you're not just skimming. Your sometimes funny observations make me laugh. I like that.
I look forward to seeing what you say - good, bad, or indifferent. And by the way, it's totally fine if you disagree. I'm okay with that. Although I must submit, your premise that if God is love and love is happiness and happiness is being able to do things you love faulty. :) It begs the question. It leaves out The Great Commission. The Gospel is really simple stuff, but not always quite so warm and fuzzy.

So it's not that I don't read them, I just can't reply. It freaks me out. It makes me anxious and nervous like driving at night! You don't want me to go on meds do you? Because I just don't think I can do replies. It makes me very worried. Replying makes me very, very worried and uncomfortable. See, now I have written a reply and I feel very worried here.

yrautca said...

Thanks for the reply. I just wanted an acknowledgement is all. Now that you have acknowledged my existence, I will be fine just commenting with no response (if it makes you all that anxious).

Anyway, it is kind of funny that I would be commenting on a lady's hair blog. Isnt that the best thing about the internet and the world of blogs - you can interact with people who are so very different than you. And I dont want to sound all mushy here (being a guy, you know I cant afford to) but I read this blog because you write very well (honestly, you do) and also, you have a very colorful, fancy thing going here. You must be an expert with html or maybe I am too new to this whole thing. I wonder how you managed to put that one box in there that changes from your hair to 'a hair blog' to something else. Thanks also for your kind comments. If it helps you can write things anonymously.

As for the original question of belly dancing vs. Christianity, my perspective would be very different from yours as we are of different faiths. Actually, now I have my own faith system, although I was brought up in a very religious family. I just feel God is kinder and more accomodating than we give Him/Her credit for. But I understand that if you want to live according to the set of rules called Christianity then you have to be either in it or out of it.