Tuesday, December 28, 2004

January measure-in coming up

My official measurer, my little boy, says I am three lines away from number 30 on the measuring tape. I'm debating using 29 and 5/8 or rounding down to an even 29.5 for my official measure-in measurement on Saturday, January 1st.

My husband tried to take 3 month photos of my hair tonight but my doggone camera takes awful indoor pics. The flash is far too harsh and washes everything out. We took a photo with me standing in the foyer at the front door and the oak doors came out simply fabulous. My hair on the other hand was blindingly stark, drab, and lacked all detail due to the flash. Pooh. Now I have to wait to take photos outside in the lame old backyard.

Washed my hair tonight especially for picture taking. Now the wash routine is completely out the window for the week, and I have not even one single good photo to use.

It looks like my ends are in need of a little clean up. I might use Feye's trim method.

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