Thursday, December 23, 2004

Compliment on my hair from a Goth Girl!

I came home from Sav-On all atwitter. I'm a mess but I had to get a couple money holders for my nephews so I left the house after only finger combing my hair and pinning it in a loose bun. I didn't even brush my teeth. I'm wearing jeans, workboots, and my ugliest black fleece top with pills all over it.

At the register while I was trying to get my debit card to work the cashier said "I like your hair." I was surprised, first just at getting a compliment and second, that it was from such a young girl. She had long jet black hair, white skin, and heavy but pretty eye make-up. I told her lots of people don't like grey hair at all and she was so sweet. She said she liked how the grey shined like highlights and she liked the streak. I hadn't noticed the way it was pulled back accentuated a streak near my temple. She went on and on. It's wasn't just a single sentence and the end. I could feel my face go blushing.

I asked her if she visited the long hair boards and she said no. So that means this is a bonifide compliment from someone entirely unschooled, unaffected, by the great grey hair debate.

Maybe the Lord looked down and said "Send old Liliana a compliment today because she looks like she needs it."

Anywho, I feel like getting fixed up and doing something now. I'm absolutely certain that the only reason I've gotten any compliments on this hair is due to deep conditioning with oils and my new hair care routine that I learned from The Loom and The Mane Board. And I believe the compliment came from the Goth Girl because she is the type of individual who doesn't buy in to commonly held conceptions regarding commonly accepted standards of beauty.

Tomorrow is family visit day. When I need it, I will think of that girl, her face, and her words.

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