Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Ordered a scarf today

I ordered a head scarf! I've really been wanting one and the selection at the mall wasn't very attractive or unique, so I settled on this one at Headcovers Unlimited. The site is geared toward people with illnesses that cause them to lose their hair but they have such a pretty inventory. If I like it and it works for me, I will also get this one at Tzinus.com.

My husband wondered why I'd want a scarf and I told him it might be good for days when I don't like my hair. My big hoop earrings will go perfectly too. And when we begin our travels through North America in May 2005 in our 24' trailer it may be ideal for dusty, dirty camping hair. Our first stop is Alaska. We tried to get there last summer, but at Mile Zero of the Alaskan Highway our money ran out. Had to come home.

This time we're selling the house and getting rid of a lot of stuff before we go. We'll store our money in a tin can.

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yrautca said...

Also if you have a convertible or a jeep, you can cruise in it with your scarf on and it would look very glamorous and also practical in that it would protect your hair - very hollywoodish!