Monday, December 06, 2004

Two washes per week routine - good start

Last week I did indeed follow through on my two washes per week plan. I went all the way from Wednesday to Sunday morning with the same hair.

I've been raised up to believe that I should shampoo daily and if I don't I'm not exercising proper hygiene, so I thought I'd feel grimy but go figure. I didn't really. I was fully anticipating that my scalp would get itchy in which case I would immediately cease and desist and run for a hot shower but, no itch. By Saturday it was necessary to keep it in a bun tight to my head to disguise the oiliness but that's to be expected.

Something did up though. On Saturday I noticed...odor. Yikes. Definitely objectionable.

I'm somewhat unique in that about the only place I sweat is on my head. Weird I know. In 5th grade the kids in El Centro called me La Red Mamasota during recess. In college I used to be envious of girls in dance class who sweat under their arms, on their back, or between their breasts. Me, I sweat on my head and face, and that's the sum of it. To offset the lack of sweat (which other people are amazed by) I get a really bright red face. Real attractive. I couldn't avoid sweating on my head at belly dance class on Thursday, then during my own at-home work-out on Friday. This made my scalp smell. Anybody close to me would be able to detect it.

So I applied some grapefruit essential oil to my fingertips and rubbed it into my scalp for about five minutes. It helped immensely. It was not overpowering in the least and it eradicated the odor. Five gold stars go to grapefruit essential oil, $4.95 for .5 ounces.

I have a pic of day three unwashed hair. You'll see it wasn't that bad. This photo is also noteworthy because finally, finally I can make an attractive everyday low bun. I realized that if I don't wind so tightly and if I hold it in place just right while I put in bobby pins, it looks nice. In the past I simply could not bear to wear a low bun because it gave me that school marm look.

My bangs did require washing every day, but those are a cinch to do in the sink.

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yrautca said...

I am only 28 (almosy 29) and already have gray in my hair. Everytime I go to my hair dresser, she suggests I dye. But I am not going to. I think gray in my dark hair gives me a Richard Gereish look. It looks good on you too!