Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Madora comb is IN!

What's so big about combs? Not the untrained eye. But there exists a whole 'nother realm of combs in the comb world that you may not be aware of.

If you want real long hair, real healthy hair, why then you need to baby it. I've always used combs from the market that cost me, hmmm, maybe $1.99. They did the job just fine. But you see, if you look closely you will see seams. Check it out. Each and every tooth on your comb may show a seam from the plastic molding. If these seams are present they can tear your hair, or at the very least scrape every individual hair the whole way down. You want to avoid this. As Heidi says, you must treat your hair like fine lace. It is a fiber. Heidi would know on account of she has hair almost to the floor.

This new Madora comb is seamless. It seems to be made of plastic and I wish I knew what kind, but it has a solid feel to it. It's handmade in Switzerland. It's a pretty ivory color and I can see striations in it - added purely for looks. I need to get that Hello! software so I can upload a really big photo of it so you can view the striations. Okay, enough with the text, on to photos...

It was made in Switzerland, I ordered it from New York.  It shipped via ground transport.

The UPS man left it at my door. I love packages.

New and old comb comparison.

The back of the Madora has an indentation for your hand hold.

The Madora has a bit more space between the teeth. The bottoms of the teeth are larger than my old comb.

A hardworking comb.

Madora and the babies.

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Morgena said...

I was thinking of the Madora Ivory comb as well, I was creeping around this comb for about two years now, and for next year I have planned to order one. But what had worried me is the shipping cost as I am living in the UK.