Monday, December 20, 2004

All desire for Pantene evaporated

I now embark upon my fourth week of two hair washes per week. Things are copacetic. My ends are doing quite well. Yesterday I ventured out and about to do errands with my hair freshly washed, blow dried very straight and down, and I got a couple corner-of-the-eye second looks at the market and at a restaurant. This is a good sign.

I just couldn't wait till January 1st and I measured. I'm at 29 inches now. Soon I'll be in a whole new set of tens! Wow. I'd be thrilled if I got a whole inch of growth this month but it's unlikely. It happened once that I know of though.

After an entire month I can honestly say my desire for Pantene conditioner has evaporated. I'm still Pantene free and sulfate free. In place of the Pantene I'm using Paves conditioner and strictly oils. I use a smidgen of jojoba during the week and then heavy olive oil conditioning twice per week (overnight before I wash).

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