Monday, December 13, 2004

Lord, how will you use me today?

Saturday morning I opened my eyes and wished the day would go away. Closed my eyes and opened them again and the day was still there. So I did what I do every single morning and asked the Lord how He would use me this day.

I was basically a blob most of the day. I messed around with my hair. On Saturdays I'm fairly looking forward to washing on Sunday morning but I did get it to look nice in another low bun. I'm into low buns lately. That was my whole morning. By 1:00pm I fixed myself some toast and coffee. Got on my computer and noodled around. Looked out the window and there's my husband and son on their hands and knees working in the front yard pulling up weeds after they had spent the morning putting up Christmas lights. Pass me a big plate of guilt. I knew had to do something with lazy self but not housework which I have plenty of to do.

Instead I went to the bookshelf and dug out the cookbook and wrote down all the ingredients for pasta primavera, a dish I just learned to make and one my husband likes a lot. It has many good veggies in it like broccoli, snow peas, carrots. I went to the market and bought all the ingredients and totally lucked out because for some reason hardly anyone was at the grocery store so I was in and out quickly and got front row parking to boot. And that's not all. Our little boy was with me and I took him to the fabric shop and he selected three different flannels for me to sew him three more pairs of pajamas. So, tada, I had accomplished two things for other people by days end. That's worth something. At the fabric store I did slip in one yard of white satin at $4.99 a yard to make myself a pillowcase. Satin is supposed to be gentle on hair. The satin has been lying in the middle of the living room floor for 36 hours now. All I have to do is get over there and cut it out.

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