Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Poor quality photo, but shows length

Terrible picture, bad flash, but it's all I have tonight. Posted by Hello

I'll delete this pic after I get something better. It's not desirable when the front door looks better than your hair.

Awhile back I sewed a satin pillowcase and I thought it might get ruined in the laundry but it came out perfectly fine. My hair likes satin. I like satin! On the nights I oil I just use a cotton pillow case, but other nights I use the satin. What I like about the satin too is that it doesn't make my cowlick stick straight up in the mornings. Cowlicks are so dorky when they stand straight up. I guess some things you never grow out of.

I was impressed by the nicest quote today at the Long Hair Community. A lady named Wholeheart Mom commented on MemSahib's lovely new silver hair sig pic and, referring to the generous grey distributed throughout Carla's long hair, she said it appeared as though the Master of the Universe (God) highlighted her hair, and did a marvelous job. Is that a unique sentiment or what. I thought Wholeheart Mom must be a poetess to express herself with such eloquence. Her statement reverberated through my mind all day. I asked her if I could use her words and she said sure. Next time my old dad starts telling me I would look so much better if I'd tint my hair, I'll enlighten him with this delightful repartee.

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