Friday, December 17, 2004

Thinking about hiking and driving hair

This morning we went to The Desert Museum and hiked up a mountain in Palm Springs. Well, maybe it was a very big hill. There were lots of switchbacks and it was rated as a strenuous hike. Above is a photo of the view part ways up. First we ate breakfast at the best breakfast restaurant in P.S. which is Elmer's. (Don't go there on a Sunday morning though. Long lines.)

The drive and the hike made me realize I must soon decide what to do with this hair on long trips. We'll be putting in some long driving days to get to Alaska and the leather seat is not kind on my hair. I didn't used to much care, but now I do. Maybe I should try making a satin bun cover. Maybe a snood. A driving snood! Even an hour drive messed up my bun today.

For belly dance class I had to wash my bangs. My hair got very sweaty and dusty dirty today so I made a part and brought a small amount of hair around my face forward (knotted the rest in a bun and covered with a plastic baggie) to wash it. I felt and looked much better. I have a pretty new sparkly silver barrette that I put in just for looks above my braided bun tonight.

We danced an actual choreographed dance tonight. Thank heaven for epinephines! Once they kicked in I had a great time, but I nearly went home because I thought I just didn't have in in me, and why shame myself in front of others. I didn't go to troupe practice last week because, well, I chickened out. But tonight I am renewed. Aziza said I did well picking up the routine and she gave me a complete music CD with the song on it (our song is 3 minutes and 50 seconds in length). I acted calm on the outside, but I was delighted on the inside that she decided to give me the music her dancers are dancing to. I am encouraged.

Tomorrow night is a fresh chance for me to attend troupe rehearsal and to not chicken out.


yrautca said...

Nice pics. Looks like you guys are having great weather down there while we sulk under the clouds.

Anonymous said...

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