Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I have prevailed. Infinity bun done.

Insurgent attacks threaten to delay upcoming elections in Iraq, U.S. students fare badly in international survey of math skills, and worst of all Karl Malone isn't coming back to the Lakers. It wasn't a great news day.

But here's a pic of my first 'Infinity Bun.' It could be called a 'Lazy Eight' too, but infinity sounds classier. The infinity sign was first used by John Wallis, an English mathematician (he lived from 1616-1703) who was friends with Isaac Newton. There seems to be some supposition regarding whether he borrowed it from the Romans or the Greeks.

I tried and tried to get my hair to do this a couple months ago but my ends were too thick so it required way too many bobby pins to hold it in place, then it would self destruct anyway. Determination, plus 50 attempts in 90 minutes, have paid off.

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yrautca said...

Aha! the infinity sign is much too familiar to a mathematician like myself. however i wasnt aware of the hair application of the concept. congrats!

my hair gets wavy when it gets long. mom wants longer hair but i hate the waves. my last girlfriend wanted shorter hair as she hated the waves (like me). so it was always a tussle between mom and girlfriend about the lengtth of my hair. tough life!