Monday, December 13, 2004

Lord, how will you use me today?

I asked the Lord how he would use me this morning and His reply went beyond cooking a favorite meal or making pajamas.

My husband and his children from his first marriage have been estranged for many years. All communication stopped long ago for reasons which are ultimately between them and I don't fully understand. There was much history before I met my husband since I'm a third wife. But despite whatever transpired, as a child of divorce myself I well know that divorce is unpleasant business and the children get shortchanged.

After dinner at about 6:30pm I was washing dishes and there was a knock at the door. I heard talking and figured it was a solicitor that my husband would send away. I went back to the dirty dishes and then my husband says, "Look who's here."

In the middle of our family room stood a tall, attractive, well manicured woman in a tan, tailored, sleeveless dress, short brown hair, and high heels. She was smiling at me expectantly. Considering we practically never have guests of any size or shape in our house I didn't recognize her, but her smile was so broad, and my husband's so wide, that I got a sense that something was expected of me. But what? Who was it? Suddenly it dawned on me. It was Juli! She's my husband's eldest daughter; age 38 now. The last time we laid eyes on her was 20 years ago.

We, or rather they, talked for hours. It's an utter shame how years are lost due of misunderstandings and anger. Juli poured out her heart. My husband cried, and she cried, and I cried too. I think everyone has a new perspective now.

Since the Lord works in us and through us, my usefulness to my husband will be to encourage continued contact. I don't know if things will be fixed or if things will be renewed, but I am optimistic for them. We plan to invite Juli and her family over for a meal. She's married now and has a little boy. I'm not a good cook. I'm a bad cook and guests make me anxious. But it's not about the food, and it's not about me.

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