Monday, December 13, 2004

Deep conditioning with olive oil

I bought olive oil at the market on sale, half off the regular price. I've heard it's heavier than sweet almond oil. From earlobes to ends, I loaded my hair up with a very generous application on Saturday night, pinned it into a sloppy, knotted, braided bun and went to sleep looking forward to leisurely washing it out in the morning before church. Duh. Husband wakes me up at 9:00am with 30 minutes to get ready to go.

Anyway, the conditioning quality of the olive oil is good. The odor, while it is mild, is stronger than the almond oil in my opinion. This week I inadvertently over oiled my ends, and in doing so caused it to look greasier between washings than if I had used the jojoba more sparingly. I still stuck to my Wednesday and Sunday hair washing regimen though! I'm so glad I found the whole long hair care microcosm on the WWW. My hair is doing well because of it and so is my psyche.

So now I'm experienced with jojoba, sweet almond, coconut, and olive oils. I think that might be all for me. I don't see that I need very many oils.

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