Monday, November 29, 2004

Got the Pantene shakes

I've been off the Pantene hair condish for seven days. Write it down. It equals one week. As I get my shampoo and creme rinse, ACV, Cetaphil, pumice stone, razor, all lined up ready to use in the shower my hand kind shakes as I pass over the Pantene. I'm doin' good though. Real good.


Rebky said...

This is so funny, a blog about your hair! I gotta say I love that you are doing it gracefully! I think you have beautiful hair.

yrautca said...

Ok being a guy i cant really relate to many of the items you list now and then but here are some observations:

i have dandruff right? so i started using head & shoulders and it works. not a flake in my hair. but then i got sick of H&S and i switched to Dove, right? so Dove is better and my hair looks better but now i start having dandruff again. mom also told me to switch shampoos now and then. so my problem is if i switch shampoos my hair looks better but i get dandruff. so maybe i need to have 2 shampoos in my shower. use the regular one normally and then once or twice a week use H&S. thats my 2 cents and i'm sticking to it!