Sunday, November 28, 2004


Our seven year old son made a joyful noise in church tonight. He is on stage at church playing Away in a Manger and Hark, The Herald Angels Sing from memory. No sheet music. There were about 60 people in the audience, mostly kids from age pre-k to fourth grade and their teachers. He said for the rest of the night everyone was coming up to him telling him how good he was. It was a wonderful confidence builder for him and I'm glad for that.

In my research for homeschooling, I learnt of the classic approach to talent education founded by Shinichi Suzuki. Our son has been taking lessons since he was four. Suzuki teaches that all children have musical ability, it only needs to be nurtured and developed. This goes against traditional beliefs that only some people have musical talent and that very young children have no ability. Two of his books that I have are Nurtured by Love and Abilty Development From Age Zero. These are wonderful books which I highly recommend.

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