Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I have really stinky hair

And I mean that literally. I received my new amla and jasmine oils yesterday. They were $6.50 each plus s&h and were a total bust. I used the jasmine oil last night and my husband had a big fit over the smell. You'd think he was in second grade or something. ...Only, his description of the fragrance I cannot type here KWIM. Big disappointment. I threw them out because if he ever smells them again he won't come near me. I'm not buying anything ever again that I can't smell with my own nose first.

The amla was thick smelling, overpowering. Maybe smelled like a '70s head shop or a new age store. The jasmine my husband said smelled like stinky feet or something worse, then he continued to enumerate all the stinky things he could think of, getting more creative as he went along and told me (with his arms flailing about and his great, big voice) to never again have him smell something like that. Very amusing, not. Sometimes men are just big boys. Never fear. I will not be this easily discouraged and luckily, I have my long hair care support board. Next time: real essential oils.

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