Friday, November 12, 2004

Belly dance and hair

Man, I feel great when I do a scalp wash. I feel like I'm being so good to my hair. Tonight was belly dance class and it's the one time of week that I get all fixed up to go out. I got two new tops at the mall today - two for $20.00. Such a deal! There were lots of sales due to Veteran's Day holiday, plus the youngsters got the day off so the mall was crowded.

Anyway, back on topic. For belly dance I always, but always, wear my hair up. I have a perfect record for wearing my hair up to this class, and that's since August. Tonight I jumped in the shower at 6:00 pm after our delicious pizza dinner, and put my hair in a bun with a ziploc baggie over it to keep it dry. Classy, I know. I didn't dilute my shampoo though because, well I don't know why, I just didn't.

I dried my hair and it looked really good for some reason. Some water did get to the ends. I don't know how that happens but maybe it's due to my hair being basically straight and slick. Perhaps more experience will improve my method. I pulled it back into a pony, braided, and made a bun. It turned out real pretty.

By then it was 7:00pm and that gave me 10 minutes to finish up. I put a drop of jojoba oil on the top and sides to smooth the hairs and shine them up and hair sprayed my bangs. I know hair spray in not kind on hair, but once a week I do it anyway.

I got to use my new zills for the first time. I was totally uncoordinated. Plus I got up in front of the class (without the zills) and danced for the first time. I was nervous and tight. I could not move my feet! That means I danced in one exact spot the whole time. Well the girly girls in class were sweet as could be, especially since I'm new, and everyone applauded when I finished. One girl, she's a psych major with beautiful, straight, honey blond hair, bsl, said I have really good hips. I do have good hips. Now if only I can move the hips, the feet, and maybe some arms at the same time. That would be helpful.

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