Friday, November 12, 2004

Barefoot sandals

I made a pair of barefoot sandals for my Dad's wife for her birthday. They're sparkly and pretty. I used Swarovski crystals on this set so it's the nicest pair I've made to date. I made a cute holder out of cardstock and I put them in a darling little gold colored organza bag with yellow tassels that came with an order that I placed at an online beauty store. I hope she likes them.


yrautca said...

Those sandals look real sexy.

So where are you guys moving to from CA? Barefoot sandals, belly dancing, lovely hair - no wonder your husband's vasectomy grew back ;)

Looking good!

Eowyn said...

What a beautiful idea!!

Liliana said...

Oh thank-you Eowyn. I ought to make some more of those. Everyone likes them. They are so feminine.