Sunday, November 21, 2004

It was a beautiful French twist day

Before I went to bed last night I slathered my hair with coconut oil to see how well it works as a conditioner. In the morning after the big wash I dried my hair till barely damp and it looked so nice that I applied absolutely nothing to it. I put my head upside down and coiled it softly to form a french twist, secured it with four large bobby pins, checked the mirror; front, side, back. Ooh, it was luscious if I do say so myself. So that's how I wore it tonight. I was so pleased with the smoothness because I've tried the French twist over and over but never wore them out because of those wiry hairs at the bottom in the back. I thought they contrasted too much with the very smooth rest of my hair. Well today I had only a few wiries at the nape of my neck. Definitively less than usual. Could it be the coconut oil? I don't know. Read on.

So as I said, I slathered on a ton of coconut oil last night and slept on it - hair in two braids. I could credit the smoothness of my underneath hair to the coconut oil, but alas, in the shower this morning I used the Pave conditioner and, and, and...I added four drops, only four drops of PANTENE.


I don't know why I did it. Do I hate myself? No I don't hate myself. I just couldn't stop myself. Now the only way I will know for sure whether the smoothness is attributable to the coconut oil is if I wash, clarify, and do it all over again.

So tomorrow - full wash, clarify, another coconut oil night and NO PANTENE. I've just got to quit shooting myself in the foot!

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