Monday, November 15, 2004

2nd grade sausage curls

My mom had to work really hard to get my hair to hold any curl when I was little. I don't remember my mom fixing my hair on this particular picture day, but I do remember her putting pin curls in my hair for special occasions. I hated them. It took my thick hair so long to dry that she'd try to get me to sleep in them. I'd have bobby pins pokin' my head all night long. I remember playing Barbie dolls (technically I owned a Francie doll and seriously coveted a genuine Barbie) with our neighbor on the porch while waiting for my horrid pin curls to dry.

In fourth grade my mom got us pixie cuts in Tijuana, then I was one ugly little girl. I'll have to dig up that one next. The word was I had a badly shaped head whereas my little sister had a natural duck tail. Oh well.


Jayleigh said...

I love this photo! My twin sis and I have matching pics to this for Kindergarten. Except we have ugly glasses in ours. LOL

Anonymous said...

I loved your Francie Doll! Well, at least in your Fourth Grade Class picture on one would ever spot you. Unless you tell them to look for the little boy! (That's what I do.)