Friday, November 26, 2004

Five days off of the Pantene wagon

This is my fifth day without Pantene silicone hair conditioner. I'm using strictly oils (jojoba, sweet almond, coconut) for conditioning for no reason other than it's my personal challenge. The hair is doing pretty good. I like the coconut oil very much. I can tell a difference when I deep condition using the almond rather than coconut oil. You might think oil is oil, but I'm noticing the oils are different. Of course, no matter what I use to deep condition I apply lots so that the hair looks very stringy, but after using the almond oil overnight, my hair is softer. In the morning after using coconut oil it's more rigid, like a broom. Still stringy but there's a definite contrast in the way the hair hangs and feels. Weird huh.

For Thanksgiving I wore my hair in a braided bun with my lavender bauble (as shown below). The bauble was great, my hair was so-so. I wore my black high neck sweater and blue jeans. I wasn't having a great hair day. At least now my tummy aches and headaches are gone. Everything went well for dinner until someone asked for the gravy. I forgot to make the gravy.

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