Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Washed my hair

Dang, I've washed it again and it's only been two days. I'm really spazzing out. I just can't help it. I'm on a worshing kick. After it dried I put in it a side braid. I'm an inch or two from having my ends touch the chair when I sit. Kewl. That'll be a milestone.

My husband washed the bedsheets so I always like to be sweet and clean when we have freshly washed bedding. We need a new comforter really bad. We never did put a duvet on this one and man, it's nasty looking. It's passable as long as no sun is shining on it. Kid got a bloody nose on it once or twice, must have been some crayons or markers on it at some point, and there are additional other unknown spots. Things which we really don't want to know. Parents' bedroom has much more going on when kids are small. I remember the beautiful bedspread we had before we had our late life surprise baby. I think it got baby throw-up on it, I know it got peed on, and the beautiful bedspread became a thing of the past. We downgraded to the more functional comforter. Very warm, but now very ugly.

Tomorrow is a driving day. And tomorrow I will no longer be the mother of a nine year old. I'll be the mother of a ten year old! Oh my. Only eight years till he leaves us. The time is slipping away so quickly. Our eldest turned 29 last week on the 12th. Next year and I'll be the mum of a 30 year old. Double oh my!

The picture of today was taken in Grand Island, Nebraska. My husband was putting fuel in the truck and I saw this old building around the side. I'm not sure what it is, or was, but it was beat up. I'd like to find a bright red one somewhere someday. I desaturated it and put it through a sepia filter to give it that old look.

I'm hungry!