Monday, May 14, 2007

Lower Antelope Slot Canyon Entrance

That's my husband and that's how you get into the LOWER Antelope Canyon! I was very surprised! The canyon is about 1/4 mile long and part of it is wide and easy to walk through, part of it is narrow and you have to squeeze sideways and hold on so you don't slip, part of it you scramble, and there are some small ladder steps and some tall stairs. It's so worth it to go through. We only ran into two other people and we were there for two hours.

This time, I brought my tripod and it's highly recommended that you use one to get quality photos. You have to do a lot of long exposures due to the low light. I just did it handheld in the upper canyon and many photos had blur. They look fab in your LCD until you view them full size. But I am satisfied that I came away with anything good at all.