Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Wampanoag Village

I've been using the term American Indians or Native Indians. Whatever they want to be called is fine with me, I just need to know what it is. I think it'll be easiest to go by the Native Nation and know which tribe you're speaking of. The people are clad in period dress (and for the men that's not much) and are quite informative and interactive, but they're not role playing.

In Canada the Indians go by "First Nation" or "First People." This is because they want to make it clear that they were there before the French and before English.

And on Canadian public radio I heard a debate about whether the label of "squaw" was an insult or not. The general consensus was that it is an insult, but the guest on the radio show was defending the term and explaining why it wasn't an insult, unless perceived as such of course. It was a good debate and she took callers. I tended to agree based on her argument, that it wasn't an insult, but in real life I don't think it'll ever fly.