Friday, May 11, 2007

Tripods, hair, and dreams

It was a long driving day. Tomorrow will be too.

I want a new tripod. The one I have is old. I mean really old. A friend of my husband's gave it to us about 20 years ago. It's amazing that we kept it. I just started using it and I can tell it makes a difference. I didn't use it before because it's a royal pain to set it up. My husband sets it up for me. Each leg has three parts that have to be pulled out and you have to turn knobs to make each part stay. It's like a spidery thing. Terrible.

In the slot canyon (photo to come but I'm too tired now) I stopped and talked to a seasoned photographer and I asked him if he knew tripods very well and he said yes, and I showed him mine. Mine won't turn the camera sideways. It should, but it doesn't. He looked at it and I hoped he could show me how to make it turn my camera sideways and he said, "This looks pretty old. It doesn't turn." lol! It's practically a toy tripod. Oh well. So I started shopping around for a tripod and it looks like I'm going to have to get a second college degree to learn about tripods and figure out which is best for me. Then I need to take out a loan or empty my bank account. Maybe I can get one in the fall.

My husband dreamt of Ava Gardner last night.

Major news flash. I have a large Ficcare Maximus. And I love it. I wear it every single day and it's great for traveling. It fits against my head so nicely. This is a quality hair clip! It's strong and stays where I put it even in my slick hair. And I can make some pretty bun designs with it sometimes too. Why didn't I indulge myself and buy one a long time ago? Mine's blue. I'd say it's navy though they call it Jean - to go with jeans I guess. That's why I picked it. Actually, I thought it would be a bit of a brighter blue, but oh well. I'm not buying another because one Ficcare shall suffice. I washed my hair this evening. Now I have to sit here all night because if I lie in bed and fall asleep and turn, I'll have bloops in it in the morning. Maybe I should sleep like Memoirs of a Geisha. Or maybe I will sleep like a ballerina like I did when I was nine - it will be a laying down pirouette.

The world is so beautiful. We went from desert to snow to green meadows today. We won't drive this route again though, not with a trailer. We didn't realize it was a narrow, winding, mountain road. It looked okay on the map. When I went into the trailer it smelled like brakes burning. Next time we'll take the extra, extra long way around. My husband is exhausted from the drive and sleeping like the dead.