Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

It's one of my favorite days of the year. On Mother's Day and my birthday I can do no wrong. Anything I say is always right and everybody loves me all day long! Well, two people anyways - my husband and son! I awoke to a Mother's Day card with a beautiful Swarovski heart inside. My youngest son bought it at a campground store and made the card with no reminding or encouraging from my husband, so it's doubly, triply sweet to me. He gave me a multicolor glass heart about a month ago for no special reason except he wanted to. That is the very best gift of all - one for no special occasion.

The message my son wrote in his homemade card melted me. Then today we drove all day long and had dinner at a Perkin's restaurant. It's one of our favorites in this part of the U.S. We're in Nebraska tonight. The great state of Nebraska. The Platte River runs all the way through it.

Tomorrow we get to see Uncle Jim! He's coming over at 10:00am. He's in town too. He drove here from Arizona.

It was 88 degrees today with a strong wind. But the road was level and straight and that made us glad. Tomorrow we have to get a flat tire for the trailer repaired. Did I say we got a flat tire two days ago? Well, we did. Fortunately Jehovah let us have it IN the campground in the morning and we saw it before we left, so my husband changed it. Thanks to the Lord and his wonderful ways, we did not have the flat tire on the road in the mountains. Thank you for your prayers. :) It is abundantly evident that they affect our travel. We also have to get some kind of O ring on the fuel tank replaced. They'll have to drop the tank to get to the O ring so my husband can't do it himself. We can't top off the fuel unless we fix it and topping off can take us an extra 100+ miles. Diesel prices are not bad. I hope they don't rise like they did last summer.

I phoned to wish my mom and my step-mom a Happy Mum's Day. I learned that my new daughter-in-law has not emailed my dad's wife so that makes me feel good that it's not just me she hasn't written. Maybe she's just real busy. Our son wrote me a wonderful, long email, so I'm floating.

It's been a very good day. We have laundry to do tomorrow, and visiting, and homeschooling. I worshed my hair tonight and it's silky soft. I've washed it three times in the past week. I haven't washed it this often in...a looong time.