Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sweet Canada

We are here! We waved to Canadians and they waved to us. It's a long holiday week-end in Canada and so lots of families are camping this week-end. Where we are there are a lot of musicians. It may be an interesting night. Monday is Victoria Day. It is a day to celebrate her birthday and also, I hear, the beginning of summer. I'm sorry, I don't know which Victoria. I have to Google this.

We had the neighbors and people across the road watching us pull into our spot this afternoon. I don't know why! lol! But they were all friendly and helpful. When my husband set up the satellite for our internet it drew a small crowd of men. Men like to ask questions about the satellite sometimes!

Canada is pretty big so saying you're in Canada is like saying you're in the United States. Generally if you specify a province it helps to know where in the country you are. We are in...Ontario. It is beautiful.