Monday, May 21, 2007

Goslings over there

I saw them today and yesterday. Sure would like to get a little closer. I saw a robin's nest today too.

Wore my hair in Dorothy braids. The kind where you make two French braids with the braided parts about four inches long and the rest is a pony. I wore them to the front. Then the long part was in my way so I wrapped the ends around my head. Now I look like a washer woman. But I don't do floors anymore. I used to wash the tile on my hands and knees because a mop does not do a thorough job you know. Now I do a quick sweep and my husband waxes the fake wood in the kitchen. It's about 3'x3' in area.

Bought our curriculum for next year, so that's done. Finished a science project with predictions and observations about decomposers this afternoon that went well. I mean, our son did. He got an 83% on the first half of his end of semester grammar test. The second half of the test is tomorrow.

I'm frying chicken now. I don't have Crisco though so it might not be very good.