Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I wish I didn't have to think of a title for every post. Do I want a title for every post? Do I need a title for every post? I do not.

Tomorrow will be a full day. We're in a fun place. A little, well a lot, touristy, but what can you do. Such is life. I can't very well discourage the other nineteen million, nine hundred ninety nine thousand, and ninety seven people from visiting here in 2007. We have time for the less touristy stuff later. Probably right after we leave here.

I just had deja-vu while typing that last paragraph! Neat. Either it's a totally cosmic night or a mere blip in my brain synapses.

[crickets chirping]

Drove by Lake Erie today. That was cool. It's very big you know. Very GRRReat. We could not see the other side. It's like an ocean!

When I was eight I went to "the beach" with my cousins in Nebraska. I wore one of those little sunsuits. Remember those? They had spagetti strings that tie at your shoulder and elastic at the waist and legs, and they were puffy above and below the waist. I really wasn't crazy about them because I thought they were quite unflattering to my just-turned-eight-years-old figure.

So we were at this beach and I was utterly mystified because there were no waves. Where were the waves, I asked. My cousins explained to me why there weren't any but I didn't get it. It was quite confusing. The beach sand wasn't very beachy either. I think I had fun anyway.

As I was writing this I found out my Aunt Gail fell and broke her wrist badly and maybe cracked her hip too. She may be home from the hospital already but I am not sure.

We ate the last of the sandwich meat she gave us for lunch this afternoon in the truck. It was real thin sliced roast beef and ham. Aunt Gail's food is food for the soul. She's famous for her fried chicken and pies. If ever I can cook fried chicken like Aunt Gail, stick a fork in me. I'll be done. The best I could ever be. The other day, as I walked out the door from her house she asked me to send her some postcards of places we're going. I told her I would and, bad as this sounds, I wondered if I really would.

I found out that my sister and I are the only ones she still sends birthday cards to. She's been sending them every year for 47 years. She used to tape nickels and dime and quarters in them when I was little. I loved it. I didn't even acknowledge the one she sent me last year. It was returned to her undeliverable. I'm bad about that. We move and I don't tell people. I'm very thoughtless that way. I have her address memorized except for the zip code. I have the zip code somewhere in my messed up address book so once I find it I'm set. I can't believe I ever worked in city planning because I have no remnants of planning or organization in my life currently.

Aunt Gail. That's what could have titled this post. Naturally, I don't deserve an Aunt Gail. Tomorrow I will send that post card.