Thursday, May 31, 2007

Plimouth Village

In Plymouth, Massachusetts, of course.

Back in the day it was spelled with a y or an i but William Bradford, the governor, wrote it with an i, so that's why the signs say Plimouth Village. It's a re-creation, not the original village.

It was a good stop and now after seeing the rock with my own two eyes I'll always remember the pilgrims landed in 1620.

It seems that I'm more of a wanderer and a looker than my two men though. They went to the colonist's village and the Wampanoag village and they didn't want to go the Nye barn. What was in that barn? I wanted to see. But we went home. Oh well.

But on to other news. We're in Maine now and we're overall quite an unhappy crew. Well, I tell you, we are where we planned to be doing what we planned to do, but we are not happy here. It's sooo crowded. Ever since Niagara Falls, all the campgrounds we've been to have been so close to cities or virtually in cities or towns. We have roads going right by us with lots of traffic. The roads are narrow, only two lanes, one in each direction, but where are the cars coming from? They go on and on and on. I suppose we should have had an inkling that it would be crowded in the eastern coastal region of the U.S.! We wanted to go to D.C. and especially to Gettysburg, but I don't think we can take it. It's not relaxing driving in the least. It's like freeway driving the whole way. We miss the open road. My shoulders are tensed and I notice I need to shake it out.

So. We are quite close to Nova Scotia, my goal. It's perhaps four hundred miles away. But bad as it sounds, I don't think I want to go anymore. Not only that, our satellite dish stopped working. This is very bad. Half of my curriculum is online. I need internet access for school. Everything I need in terms of information is there at fingertips reach. It's a luxury and quite a loss to be without it. Husband thinks we're too far north for the dish to work. It happened similarly last year but I don't want to go weeks without, this year.

Like that Seinfeld episode where Kramer says, "Do you yearn?" Yeah, I think I yearn. We yearn. For the open west.

I'm using the campground connection which is like dial up. That's another thing. Our rig is too long to fit in the only national park in Maine. I'm really sad about that. The national park is where we'd like to be, not in an RV park. And the cost in these RV parks is so high. For this much money per night we should be having a blast.

Tomorrow we will decide what to do. Right now, it's like a nightmare and we're driving in eternal circles in Redondo Beach, California.