Monday, May 14, 2007

Lower Antelope Slot Canyon

So you see, the colors are not as dramatic but it is nevertheless a wonderland. This geology is created by flooding. The water swirls and curls and corkscrews through the canyon and that's why such shapes are created. Can you imagine!

Some years ago 11 tourists died. They were washed away by a flood. Their tour guide said bad weather was in the far distance. They came out of the canyon and saw no rain. The guide said don't go back in but the tourists did not listen. This happened before the place was well known as it is now. They died for their foolish ignorance of the weather. Our tour guide told us this story but I had already read about it online. She also was very clear about saying the place held no sacred or holy significance to the Navajo people. This was contrary to what I had read online, so there you go. Everything you read is not necessarily accurate.