Sunday, May 20, 2007

It's cold

We went for a walk because I saw geese and goslings but mama and papa made a hasty retreat with the babies when they saw us. I didn't want to scare them off so we backed away. The goslings were so cute! But too far away. The photo above is actually full of green trees and green grass but it's too chilly! My ears started to hurt so we came inside where it's nice and cuddlebug warm.

I had the most fun posting my Antelope Canyon photos last week. According to the traffic report that came in my email yesterday, I had the most visitors ever in a single day, 332! I had no idea. That's a world record! Usually I have five daily dedicated readers, give or take. Heh.

At the photographers forum there were two comments that especially made my day. I want to keep them to read whenever I want so here they are:

Very nice
It's satisfying to record such a wonderful place, yes? And you did it very well. Thanks for posting...Ole Bob

Wonderful, Liliana
Hi, I love your pictures. I've seen hundreds of shots of this canyon, but some of yours are unique. It gives me a better sense of the "place in its entirety". I had no idea. Here's a thought, print these in a series of 8x10 crops and frame them. Then put them up on a diagonal on one of your walls. Some of these are a great series and are frame and hang worthy. Thanks so much for sharing them. Diana

Are those nice or what. It was fun.