Thursday, May 10, 2007

Got lost

Last night I went to the showers to wash my hair because there was sand in it from the slot canyons. Our shower head just kind of drops the water on you and I need some power. Some force! They charge 8 quarters for 15 minutes here. I checked with a girl first about how the showers are. How's the water flow? How's the spray? How's the temperature? Which stall were you in? (Because one shower might be great and the one next to it is crummy.) This girl says she shaved her legs, washed up, and washed her hair twice with 8 quarters. I should have considered more carefully the fact that her hair was two inches long all the way around and they're tenters. Of course she'd be thrilled with any shower facility at all.

Took me 16 quarters to be heavily misted in a crummy water saver shower and then it was dark outside by the time I finished. I forgot I can't see in the dark anymore. I walked and walked and walked. I couldn't see the Y in the road. At one point I crossed the desert (between two roads for a shortcut) and walked to the trailer that had the light on. It looked just like ours but when I got there but the man in the chair was not my husband and the trailer was not ours!

Finally I decided to go back to the shower building and wait for someone to come get me. In the daylight you can see our trailer from the shower building. At night, I was completely lost one and a half loops from my trailie. What am I? Six years old? Our son came on his bike and took me home.