Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wind advisory

It's still and quiet outside now. The weather report says we're supposed to get gusts up to 40mph. I like the wind mostly, but I learned to stay out of 40 mph winds. The first year we were here there was a windy day and unfazed by the wind I hiked down to the lake. On the way back I got my face sandblasted!

Had some winds come up yesterday and it blew the awning up over the roof. That's kind of like getting your leg bent the wrong way. We were lucky because we can replace a part and it'll be all fixed. Awnings are expensive if you have to replace the whole thing. I was standing outside thinking how to get the awning down and Judy just happened to be driving by. She's got a new dog! Cute brown little girl dog with two different colored eyes. Judy had a dog before we met her and it died. She didn't talk about it much but we knew she was pretty broken up about it. Judy helped get the awning down for me. She just pulled one side down with the rod and I got the other side. My husband drove up right then too.

The roadrunners didn't come by yesterday. Drats! But I figured out how to take a photo in RAW format and how to open it and fiddle with it. Photoshop has Bridge and Bridge can open them. Photoshop by itself doesn't open RAW. Also my software that came with the dSLR has RAW post processing software and I tried it out too.

Son learned a new word last night. Putrid. I'm sure we'll be hearing it all day today. Everyone will be hearing it.

Jules shared a thought with me about when I was wrestling with the question of when I was saved, or rather when was I saved and she shot me an email about it. I'll blog it later this week.

I almost forgot. Happy February!